Full product line

Carbon Fiber Exhaust Insulating Wrap

Hi-Tech Carbon Fiber appearance and Titanium like strength. Made from Lava rock which withstands 2000 degrees Fahrenheit in direct continuous contact.

Clamp-On Heat Shield

For exhaust pipes. Installs in minutes using supplied clamps and new stand offs. Blocks over 95% of radiant heat of the exhaust.

Exhaust Insulating Header Wrap (Graphite Black)

Exhaust Insulating Header Wrap featuring a Graphite Black finish. Works great for hiding dirt and brake dust.

Exhaust Insulating Wrap

Original Exhaust Wrap is an innovative way to create more horsepower and reduce under-hood temperatures. The original Exhaust Insulating Wrap was developed over 25 years ago by Thermo-Tec.

Exhaust Insulating Wrap Kits

Everything you need for a complete installation of our Exhaust Insulating Wrap. Developed over 25 years ago Thermo-Tec's Exhaust Wrap is an innovative approach to increasing horsepower while simultaneously reducing under hood temperatures.

Generation II Copper Exhaust Insulating Header Wrap

Copper Exhaust Insulating Header Wrap improves heat resistance up to 20% more than current technology, by utilizing a new proprietary coating developed by Thermo-Tec.

Header Manifold Blanket

The Header Manifold Blanket provides excellent heat-retention for exhaust headers and manifolds. Simply clips into place on the upper portion of the headers. Protects from heat and spills. Not designed to be a wrap

High Velocity Exhaust Jackets

The new quick-wrap high-velocity Exhaust Jackets are an innovative way to insulate and block radiant heat. Can be installed with the headers mounted. Reduces under-hood temps up to 70%.

Kevlar Muffler Cover

Resists continuous direct contact with temperatures up to 1100deg F. Includes all necessary fasteners. Uncut size is 24" X 40", trims easily with a strong sharp set of shears.

Motorcycle Clamp On Pipe Shield Kit

The flexible Clamp-On Heat Shield blocks more than 90% of damaging radiant heat from the exhaust.

Platinum Exhaust Insulating Wrap

Features an exclusive hybrid construction with a proprietary weave lock design that provides durability and minimizes fraying.

T3-T4 Turbo Cover

Helps reduce turbo lag and under-hood temperatures. Easy fit design that improves horsepower and performance.

Turbo Insulating Kit

Will reduce turbo lag and increase performance. Comes in a cut-to-fit kit.

Cool-It Mat

Battles excessive temperatures and sound. Perfect for doors, under hoods and above transmission housings to protect from heat and noise.

Super Sonic Acoustical Mat

The ultimate acoustical control in an easy to install aluminum foil composite mat! Contains a high temperature adhesive backing.

Suppressor Acoustical & Heat Control Mat

Reduces road noise, rattles, engine noise, and any other noises that are bothersome. Also provides protection from radiant heat.

Thermo-Guard FR

Absorbs sound and vibration. Provides protection from radiant heat. Available in two sizes.

24 K Heat Barrier

Lowers intake and under hood temperatures. Installs virtually anywhere with easy peel adhesive backing.

Adhesive Backed Heat Barrier

Adheres to virtually any non-exhaust surface and provides radiant heat protection.

Aluminized Heat Barrier

Multipurpose radiant heat protection up to 2000 degrees farenheight.

Battery Wrap Acid Absorbing Heat Barrier

Adhesive backed heat barrier that absorbs battery acid and protects from radiant heat up to 2000 degrees farenheight.

Cool-Air Tube Heat Shield

Keep your induction air cool with this unique lace up tube cover. A lace-on fastening system secures it to tubes and blocks up to 99% of radiant turbo and exhaust heat for added performance.

Cool-Fuel Jug Cover

Protect and stabilize your engine's fuel by using the Cool-It Fuel Jug Cover. Reflects radiant heat and the sun's harmful UV rays.

Kevlar Heat Barrier

Various uses as a heat barrier. Can be used as a header blanket. Improves driver comfort and protects engine components. Reflects 90% of radiant heat, up to 3000degrees Fahrenheit. Size: 26" x 40"

Muffler/Cat Heat Shield

Highly flexible, very versatile MYLAR heat shield. Protects undercarriage from the radiant heat off an exhaust system.

Stainless Steel Clamp-On Heat Shield

Stainless Steel heat shield for exhaust pipes. Easily installs using supplied clamps. Blocks over 95% of radiant heat from the exhaust.

Starter Heat Shield

Insulates the starter and solenoid from radiant heat. Installs using snap straps.


Aluminzed adhesive backed tape for protecting wires, hoses or any wrappable part. NOT FOR USE ON EXHAUST.

Ultra-Lite Insulating Mat

New and improved! We use the highest quality materials featuring Thermal Conductive Technology to protect the driver from excessive radiant heat.

Cool-It Plug Wire Sleeves

Keeps the spark plug and ignition wire cool while extending its life. Comes in five colors and packs of 4 & 6.

Express Sleeves

A Highly reflective mylar foil with a hook & loop closure to provide maximum protection for wires and hoses.

Heat Sleeves

Protective barrier for extreme heat exposure. Excellent thermal and abrasion resistance.

Ignition/Plug Wire Sleeving

High temperature sleeving with e-glass/silica insulation good up to 1000ºF. Highly flexible and abrasion resistant silicone outer surface good for temperatures up to 500ºF.

Spark Plug Wire Heat Shield

Ultimate protection for your spark plug wires. Reflects radiant heat up to 2000 degrees and can also withstand conductive temperatures of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thermo Sleeve

Laminated high-temp aluminized fabric sleeves to protect your wires and hoses.


Flexible protection for hoses and wiring. Can be slit for easy installation over existing wires.

Thermo-Flex Color

Flexible protection for hoses and wiring. Can be slit for easy installation over existing wires.

Heavy-Duty Spray Adhesive

Perfect for heavy-duty applications. Fast-drying, quick-bonding, and high-temperature contact adhesive.

Hi-Heat Coating

Finishes off an exhaust insulating wrap installation. Available in 3 colors.

Mat Roller

Removes air bubbles and smooths adhesive based installations.

Seam Tape

An ultra quality temperature resistant tape that offers endless amount of uses. Perfect when installing Thermo-Tec sound and heat barriers or anywhere superior adhesion is required. Seam Tape is a great addition for every garage, race team and tool box.

Snap Strap

Easily secures the exhaust insulating wrap with no tools needed. Made of high temperature stainless steel. New precut lengths with a tough multi-lock system.