Thermo-Tec Products - Heat Shields and Protection

Stainless Steel Clamp-On Heat ShieldStainless Steel Clamp-On Heat Shield

Stainless Steel heat shield for exhaust pipes. Easily installs using supplied clamps. Blocks over 95% of radiant heat from the exhaust.
Micro Louver Air ShieldMicro Louver Air Shield

A flexible, yet durable air heat shield featuring micro air louvers to keep the surface extra cool. Movement creates dynamic air flow, cooling by natural convection and blocking radiant heat. Can custom fit by hand.
Battery Wrap Acid Absorbing Heat BarrierBattery Wrap Acid Absorbing Heat Barrier

Adhesive backed heat barrier that absorbs battery acid and protects from radiant heat up to 2000 degrees farenheight.
Adhesive Backed Heat BarrierAdhesive Backed Heat Barrier

Adheres to virtually any non-exhaust surface and provides radiant heat protection.
24 K Heat Barrier24 K Heat Barrier new

Lowers intake and under hood temperatures. Installs virtually anywhere with easy peel adhesive backing.
Aluminized Heat BarrierAluminized Heat Barrier

Multipurpose radiant heat protection up to 2000 degrees farenheight.

Aluminzed adhesive backed tape for protecting wires, hoses or any wrappable part. NOT FOR USE ON EXHAUST.
Cool-Fuel Jug CoverCool-Fuel Jug Cover

Protect and stabilize your engine's fuel by using the Cool-It Fuel Jug Cover. Reflects radiant heat and the sun's harmful UV rays.
Cool-Air Tube Heat ShieldCool-Air Tube Heat Shield

Keep your induction air cool with this unique lace up tube cover. A lace-on fastening system secures it to tubes and blocks up to 99% of radiant turbo and exhaust heat for added performance.
Starter Heat ShieldStarter Heat Shield

Insulates the starter and solenoid from radiant heat. Installs using snap straps.
Muffler/Cat Heat ShieldMuffler/Cat Heat Shield

Highly flexible, very versatile MYLAR heat shield. Protects undercarriage from the radiant heat off an exhaust system.
Ultra-Lite Insulating Mat Ultra-Lite Insulating Mat

New and improved! We use the highest quality materials featuring Thermal Conductive Technology to protect the driver from excessive radiant heat.
Kevlar Heat BarrierKevlar Heat Barrier

Various uses as a heat barrier. Can be used as a header blanket. Improves driver comfort and protects engine components. Reflects 90% of radiant heat, up to 3000degrees Fahrenheit. Size: 26" x 40"