How Can You Reduce Heat Inside Your Vehicle?

Reducing heat inside your vehicle increases your engine’s efficiency while improving your overall safety. There are a number of products available that work hard to beat the heat so your engine doesn’t have to. By taking the following measures, you can help your car run smarter and faster.


Install Thermo Guard FR


Protect from radiant heat with the bonus benefits of reducing sound, absorbing vibration, and providing an extra layer of insulating padding. Featuring a high-tech foil heat barrier, Thermo Guard FR blocks more than 90% of radiant heat on the sly. It’s only ¼” thick, providing high performance without a lot of bulk. Thermo Guard FR isn’t just for race cars, but for trucks, RVs, buses, cars, aircraft, and homes–anywhere you need quality, dependable insulation.






Add a Clamp-On Heat Shield


The Clamp-On Heat Shield, the ultimate in high-tech protection, blocks over 95% of the damaging radiant heat of your vehicle’s exhaust system. Kits come with everything you need, including all clamps and new stainless stand-offs, and can be installed in minutes. Clamp-On Heat Shields are available in one, two and three foot lengths to fit a variety of vehicles.

By adding these three improvements to your vehicle, you will greatly decrease the temperatures under the hood. A variety of additional heat reflective products are available to improve performance, depending on your vehicle and application.




Wrap Headers


Exhaust Wrap is a simple yet innovative way to create more horsepower and reduce under-hood temperatures in your vehicle. When you wrap your car’s exhaust headers, you help it maintain hotter exhaust gases. Like hot liquids, hot gases have a deceased density, causing them to move at higher speeds. When your exhaust exits at a faster rate, your engine runs cooler–and more efficiently–because the heat is concentrated where it counts!






Beat Engine Heat with 
Thermo-Tec Exhaust Wraps


Thermo-Tec Exhaust Wraps are trusted by NASCAR drivers and NASA. Figure out which exhaust wraps are right for your vehicle and download our Automotive Performance Cheat Sheet to identify places where your vehicle might be leaking heat.