What Exhaust Wrap Can Do For Your Car

You’ve invested a lot of time, money, and heart into your classic car, and you want to do whatever you can to protect and preserve the engine. Car shows, parades, or just driving around the block on a sunny day are occasions to celebrate and enjoy with a car that will stand the test of time!

There are many ways exhaust wrap can help your vintage treasure run like new for years.

Reduce Underhood Temperatures

By keeping the engine bay cool and maintaining a cold intake, exhaust wrap extends the life of your car. Heat from the engine’s manifold can warm up the air that goes into the intake, putting more strain on the engine and decreasing the power. When it comes to your classic car, it pays to keep you cool–with exhaust wrap!

Preserve Engine Components

An engine fire, of course, can mean certain death to your classic car and endanger  your own safety as well. Rubber lines containing brake fluid and coolant can erode, and in extreme heat, even steel-braided replacement cables can pop open. Revving up that old powerhouse may suddenly cause a line to explode, resulting in fluid spraying your engine and igniting a blaze. Exhaust wrap defends against these situations without compromising your engine’s ability to hum along like a dream.
Allow the Engine to Run More Efficiently

A “healthy” engine pump, like a healthy heart, works more efficiently than an unhealthy one, improving energy output with less effort and wear. Think of it this way: Just as cold syrup straight from your pantry flows more slowly, so does cool exhaust. Heat the syrup up, and it runs quickly, dissipating over a larger area (a full plate of pancakes) at a faster rate.

By spreading the metal’s heat, the insulating wrap keeps exhaust flowing faster by decreasing its density. By providing just the right amount of insulation, exhaust insulating wrap keeps the hot exhaust gases at just the right temperatures to move quickly and efficiently through the exhaust system all while retaining lower intake temperatures. This efficient process puts less strain on your classic car’s engine, allowing it to run smoothly in the moment while also prolonging its life.  


Have a classic car you want to drive and enjoy for the long haul?
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