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Keeping Interiors Calm & Cool

The Suppressor

Keeping Interiors Calm & Cool

Thermo-Tec's double-threat Suppressor material blocks heat & sound. 

GREENWICH, OH - Sometimes drivers want to keep things calm and cool inside their vehicles. That's why the heat and sound control experts at Thermo-Tec developed the versatile Suppressor sound and heat control mat. 

Three Diy Projects To Keep You Busy This Winter

Suppressor installation

The cold Winter months always give us Cabin Fever. But all that downtime is a great time to get in the garage and tackle tasks that will seem much more inconvenient when the weather gets warm.

We’ve got three DIY garage projects to keep yourself busy (and get your ride ready) as you anxiously await Spring weather.

1.) Just like Winter, Think Quiet and Cool:

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