How long has Thermo Tec been manufacturing and developing key products for better engine performance and heat protection and what industries use our high performance heat/sound control products?
For over 30 years, Thermo Tec has been developing and manufacturing heat/sound control products for the Automotive, Power sport, Marine, Industrial, and Aerospace industries.
What does the Thermo Tec Exhaust Insulating Wrap do to reduce under hood temperatures by up to 70%, increase engine horsepower, improve fuel efficiency, and increase the life of the engine parts and components?
By providing just the right amount of insulation, the exhaust insulating wrap keeps the hot exhaust gases at just the right temperatures to move quickly and efficiently through the exhaust system, and lowering the intake temperatures. This dramatically improves engine performance by minimizing the pumping loss and increasing the scavenging effect which is the rate that hot exhaust gases move through the system. This improves horsepower, fuel efficiency, and reduces under hood temperatures.
What is the unique feature of the high velocity exhaust jacket?
Much easier to install without, in most cases, having to remove the headers, covering the primary tubes vertically allowing for a consistent fit. Still provides the same performance and heat control functions as the insulating wrap.
What material is the exhaust insulating wrap made of?
The exhaust insulating wrap is made of a highly texturized silica based material with a patented inorganic coating. The heat conductive coating is applied to the surface to provide heat distribution, increasing the scavenging rate, and can withstand temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.
Will the exhaust insulating wrap overheat any exhaust components?
NO, if applied at a ¼ in. overlap, this is not a problem due to the increased flow of hot exhaust gases through the exhaust system. Increasing the flow also increases the amount of heat extracted from the engine and exhaust.
Can the exhaust insulating wrap be used on a catalytic converter?
Yes, the exhaust insulating wrap, as with most of our products, has many uses.
Is Thermo Sleeve which is used to protect hoses and wiring from both the radiant and conductive heat available in lengths longer than 3 feet?
Yes, Thermo Sleeve can be purchased in 12 foot lengths and 50 foot lengths in addition to 3 foot lengths with 5 OD diameters.
What is the composition of each side of the Thermo Tec Cool It Insulating Mat and what function does the middle layer consisting of resin bonded silica perform?
The foil side toward the heat source, reflecting radiant heat away from surfaces. The Mylar side is oriented away from the heat source. The middle layer consisting of silica assist in heat disposition and acts as a sound insulator.
What are the advantages of using Thermo shield vs Thermo Sleeve when protecting hoses and wiring from the extreme heat coming from the exhaust system?
Thermo shield is great for those odd shaped, hard to reach components where you don’t want to remove or disconnect the component.
Can Thermo shield tape be used to wrap the exhaust?
NO, the tape has an adhesive backing that is limited to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The outside base material will withstand 100 degrees and reflect radiant heat away from the part.
Does any Thermo Tec product contain asbestos?
No, no Thermo Tec product contains any asbestos
What does the Turbo insulating kit perform for the turbo?
Our turbo kit is designed to protect components from radiant heat produced by the turbo charger and improves performance by keeping the turbo spooled up, thus eliminating turbo lag.
How much wrap is required to wrap a set of headers?
Recommended guidelines: 1 roll of 2”X50ft for 4 cyl. 2 rolls for a V6 or V8
Does header wrap or the exhaust jacket increases power and improve mileage?
Yes: again by wrapping headers, the exhaust have heat within the header is maintained. This translates into better exhaust flow because the hotter the exhaust gases stay, the faster they flow out of the engine. By improving the scavenging of spent gases, the engine breathes more efficiently. This reduces contamination of the intake fuel air charge with exhaust gases, thus allowing the engine to develop more power with fewer throttles.
Does the header wrap retain heat better than ceramic coatings?
Yes: Ceramic coatings are made from inorganic compounds made of aluminum oxide or zirconium oxide. These coatings are all good conductors of heat, but only provide corrosion protection, and not retaining heat to increase the exit flow.
Why only wrap 18” to 20” of the primary tubes on a RV or towing vehicle?
These vehicles generate a lot more heat than the average automobile. With chemical properties of the wrap assisting with heat flow, the collector acts as a dump off area for the heat on these applications only. Generally the header manifold blankets are easier to use on these applications and are highly recommended.
Why do you use only ¼ inch overlap in applying the insulating wrap?
Use only ¼ inch overlap because this draws the heat away from the area but still allows the heat to evenly dissipate. The wrap is chemically treated, which allows for the wrap to not only provide the insulating properties, but assist with the heat flow or scavenging evenly throughout the system. Double wrapping or overlapping takes away the effects of the wrap and could cause fatiguing and create hot spots in the tubes, because too much heat would be trapped, thus causing possible damage.
Why use the Hi-Heat coating on the wrap or exhaust jacket?
To finish off a clean and well protected exhaust wrap application. The coating will protect the wrap from abrasions, dirt, and harmful liquid spills. Extra resins and binders toughen the surface and help extend the life of the wrap by protecting it from friction, and seals the pores to minimize the penetration of harmful liquids.
Can I spray my headers with the Hi-Heat coating and will it stay?
Yes, you can. However, the coating itself will not give you any type of heat insulation or protection.