Cool Your Customers’ Heels (And Keep Your Business Running Hot) With These Products

With fall approaching, RV season may be slowing down, but you can keep your shop busy (and profitable) all year long if you're offering your customers the right kinds of products for off-season maintenance.

Long hours on the road can add up to a lot of heat, sound and vibration in an RV’s cab, making that epic family road trip less than pleasant on the feet, bones, ears and brainpan. You can help your customers protect their investments, and stay cool and comfortable, by offering them the right sound, heat and vibration dampening products.

These products, designed to fit under the RV’s engine cover, are inexpensive, versatile and (best of all) easy to cut and install, meaning your parts staff can handle every step, leaving your mechanics free to handle more complex and demanding jobs. You don’t need any special equipment to cut, shape and apply these products, giving you and your team an easy-to-implement revenue stream during the off-season.

One of the most popular sound-and-heat-control products is a suppressing heat and sound mat.  Not only can it be used to insulate an RV’s engine for better heat retention and performance, users can also use it to line firewalls, floorboards and doors, giving them added safety and peace of mind out on the road.

ThermoTec's Suppressor Heat and Sound Mat is a thin, light and durable, the mat is made up of a heat-defying foil surface and polyethylene film. Its 70-millimeter (one-eighth inch) thickness offers impressive protection from radiant heat (up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit) and direct temps (up to 300 degrees).

Installing this product is a breeze. It comes on a roll (like aluminum foil). Simply measure out the amount you need to cover your surface. Then, cut it to shape (you can use tin snips or a similar tool) and apply it by pressing it down on the surface you wish to cover. A heavy-duty adhesive keeps the mat in place for a form-fitting seal. Most engine covers, aka doghouses, can be outfitted for under $100.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, durable shield that does it all – controls sound, absorbs road vibration, protects from heat and gives an extra layer of padding – look no further than Thermo Guard FR. Its 100-percent synthetic felt construction provides sound and comfort control, while its cutting-edge foil barrier blocks almost all the radiant heat that comes its way.
At just a quarter-inch thickness, Thermo Guard FR delivers big without a lot of bulk. It’s available in two sizes and in single- or double-foil-sided options. Pair it up with Thermo-Tec’s Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive for an install that will last season after season. The installation process is similar to that of the Suppressor Heat and Sound Mat: Just measure, trim, fit and adhere.

Thermo-Tec is now accepting RV dealer accounts. Contact them today to find out how you can begin offering your customers the unparalleled comfort and protection their products provide.