How Exhaust Wrap Can Increase Performance

Exhaust wrap protects your hands from those hot-engine burns–reason enough to use it in your high-powered racing vehicle. But did you know it also improves the overall performance of your car? Exhaust wrap gives you an edge on the track by making the most of your engine’s capabilities.

Keeps exhaust gases heated up so they flow more efficiently

By providing just the right amount of insulation, exhaust insulating wrap keeps the hot exhaust gases at just the right temperatures to move quickly and efficiently through the exhaust system all while retaining lower intake temperatures.  

Just as cold syrup straight from your pantry flows more slowly, so does cool exhaust. Heat the syrup up, and it runs quickly, dissipating over a larger area (a full plate of pancakes) at a faster rate. By spreading the metal’s heat, insulating wrap keeps exhaust flowing faster by decreasing its density.  

Increases scavenging inside the exhaust system

The faster flow of exhaust dramatically improves engine performance by minimizing the pumping loss and increasing the scavenging effect: the rate at which hot exhaust gases move through the system. Insulating wrap keeps the exhaust warm, which allows the cylinder to pump with less resistance.

A “healthy” pump, like a healthy heart, works more efficiently than an unhealthy one, improving energy output with less effort and wear. Easier scavenging increases power by allowing more space for the AFR (Air/Fuel Ratio). A better AFR combined with a smoother, faster flow results in more power for your car.

Reduces surface temperature, which can help protect other components in the engine compartment

Red hot exhaust is a real danger to your engine. Components like rubber lines containing brake fluid and coolant can erode, and in extreme heat, even steel-braided cables can pop open. When revving your engine on the track, you may find yourself with an exploding line, resulting in fluid coming in contact with your engine and starting a fire. Exhaust wrap defends against these situations without compromising your engine’s ability to perform at top-notch speeds.

Reduces temperatures under the hood

The intake going into an engine usually needs to be cold. But as a racer, you know that going around that track drives up the heat! The heat from the engine’s manifold/header can warm up the air going into the intake, decreasing the power. Exhaust wrap keeps the entire engine bay, and thus your intake, cooler.

Want to give your car an efficient and powerful edge?

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