Innovations In Insulation: Combat Radiant Heat From The Doghouse With These Simple Solutions.

Whether it’s a couple of snowbirds gearing up to go south for the winter, or a client looking to improve the comfort of their RV’s cab for next year’s summer season – keeping things cool and comfy for your customers is an easy upgrade --thanks to the latest innovations in insulation products.

But here’s the ‘coolest’ (pun intended) part for RV Shop Owners: RV insulation products don’t require a mechanic to install, meaning your detailers or other front-end employees can easily take on these new (and profitable) jobs while your mechanics focus on cranking wrenches and diagnosing engine issues.

It’s a common complaint among RV enthusiasts: “How do I keep the cab cool and combat the heat radiating from the doghouse of my RV?”

Thermo-Tec has been combating radiant heat while innovating insulation products for more than 30 years in a variety of industries, including high-performance race cars and even NASA.

Our top pick is Thermo Tec’s Adhesive-Backed Aluminized Heat Barrier. Made from an innovative woven silica material with a flexible aluminized finish, the highly reflective surface is capable of withstanding radiant temperatures up to 2000°F. Additionally, the opposing adhesive-backed side can handle temperatures up to 300°F. The adhesive backed material can easily be applied to any clean surface making the perfect professional appearance. Most importantly, the Adhesive-Backed Aluminized Heat Barrier can be cut to fit any custom application.

Another great option is Thermo Tec’s original Aluminized Heat Barrier. Featuring the same highly reflective surface as the Adhesive-Backed product, the opposing fabric side can handle higher temperatures (in the range of 350-750 degrees F). Rather than using the built-in adhesive, this product can be easily installed using standard rivets with a backup washer or a self-tapping screw and washer. This product can also be cut to fit any application.