More Horsepower Means More Heat. Protect Your Engine With These Three Inexpensive Hacks.

If you’re adding power to your truck, you’re adding heat. It’s no secret that radiant heat can compromise expensive engine components. Thankfully, high-performance race car drivers have been mitigating and managing heat for years, and off road enthusiasts can use the same products to prevent damage to their trucks and Jeeps. Here are a few easy-to-install and inexpensive products to protect your rig from heat’s harmful effects (and even harness it for a more efficient engine).


Modifying your truck can be expensive but protecting your investment (and increasing your truck's efficiency) doesn't have to be, thanks to a number of simple solutions that are not only easy to install, but easy on your wallet.


Radiant heat, caused by the friction created inside a working engine, can wreak havoc on your truck's wires, hoses and cables. Without the right insulation, extreme temperatures can and will damage these vital components, and it won't be long before your repair bills begin to add up fast. While a number of products on the market can help mitigate this issue, it's hard to find one that's more cost-effective or easy to install than Thermo-Tec's Express Sleeves. This potent combination of Mylar foil and insulating material reflects more than 90 percent of radiant heat up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Hook-and-loop strips (think Velcro) that run the length of the sleeves make for quick and simple installation, meaning you can save money by doing this yourself. Plus, they look sharp.


Containing more of your engine's heat increases your vehicle's efficiency, since hotter exhaust gasses move more quickly through the exhaust system (due to lower density), helping your engine draw in more fresh air with less work. One of the ways you can achieve this is to wrap your headers and exhaust system with products that are specially designed to withstand punishing temps while keeping the heat inside your engine where it belongs. One of our favorites is Thermo Tec's Rogue Series Carbon Fiber Exhaust Wrap. Thermo-Tec builds this product using material forged within some of the hottest places on Earth—volcanoes—so you know it'll hold up. It's super-strong, sleek in appearance and fits the way you need it to, thanks to incredible pliability. It's built to withstand continuous, direct temps up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.


Sometimes, insulation products don't just protect your vehicle's parts—they makes your drive safer and more pleasant and enjoyable, too. Long hours on the road can add up to a lot of heat, sound and vibration behind the wheel, making long trips less than pleasant. Deploying the right heat, vibration and sound dampening products can keep you cooler and more comfortable.


One of the most popular sound-and-heat-control products is Thermo-Tec's Suppressor Heat and Sound Mat. Thin, light and durable, the mat is made up of a heat-defying foil surface and polyethylene film. Use it in your engine compartment and under your floorboards for better heat retention and sound dampening.


For more than 30 years, Thermo-Tec has built its reputation on providing the best in sound and heat insulation for high-performance vehicles, so they know a thing or two about engineering products that can handle extreme conditions. You can trust that their solutions are affordable and built to last.