Thermo-tec Has Gone Rogue

If you use them like you’re supposed to, heat insulation products like exhaust wraps and turbo covers start to show it. Racers have just accepted the worn-out appearance as a badge of honor of sorts... at least you know it’s not a trailer queen if the exhaust wrap is beat up, right?

Well a new line of products is proving to change what everyone thought they knew about harnessing heat.

Crafted from volcanic rock, the basalt material used in the Rogue Series of exhaust wraps, turbo covers and heat shields is a game-changer. If you’ve ever spent any time in a garage or under a hood, you know how important it is to isolate heat distribution from one engine component to another. Unprotected high-end turbos and exhausts have a reputation for radiating extreme heat to its neighboring parts, resulting in stifled performance and unwanted wear and tear. And while racers rely on heat insulation products to reduce under hood temperatures and increase exhaust scavenging, they always come up empty when searching for a way to keep them looking as good as they perform.

Until now.

Thirty years deep in to developing heat insulation solutions, Thermo-Tec took on a brave new initiative: Finally solve the appearance vs. performance problem that has plagued drivers and builders for years.

As the original heat insulation company, Thermo-Tec used years of experience and research to develop a consolidated line of basalt products, The Rogue Series. The line is crafted with attention to detail and tested to meet the quality and reliability the Ohio-based company has become known for. They know customers expect the best from the original and claiming to create products that both perform well and stay looking new isn’t something to take lightly when you practically invented the exhaust insulating wrap as we know it.

But if anyone was going to do it, it was Thermo-Tec. So, when the company teased the launch of the Rogue Series at SEMA 2017, people knew they had found a solution.

The Rogue Series is rated to withstand constant direct heat up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, and the new series is made from basalt rock, which is more resistant to abrasions and damage from liquid spills and abuse. After developing new products that best utilize basalt’s pliability and durability, while capitalizing on Thermo-Tec’s proven designs, the Rogue Series was officially launched in January 2018.